Tivoli bonanza

Inspired by the carnival life in Denmark, the Tivoli Bonanza slot machine has a five-reel layout and 9 paylines. It is a simple game, but it comes with a few features, including four progressive jackpots and a scatter symbol. Players can spin the reels at the touch of a button or regulate the number of lines (1-9) to bet on. Moreover, the Tivoli Bonus feature awards you with a bonus when you land on a winning combination.

In addition to the 9-payline design, the game also has a wide variety of symbols. The icons are themed after carnivals and fairs, which lend the slot its theme. There are seven regular symbols, and four special ones that pay out high amounts of money. These include gold coins, fireworks, lucky horseshoes, and candy striped lollies. Depending on the amount bet, a player can win up to 400x their total bet in one spin.

The Tivoli Bonanza video slot is a classic one. It is suitable for players who aren’t ready to wager large sums of cash. Nonetheless, the game does offer a progressive jackpot. Regardless of the size of your bet, you’re sure to win something. Aside from the jackpots, you’ll also find a huge number of ways to win the game. If you’re an experienced player, you can play this slot with your friends.