Fortune teller

A fortune teller is someone who reads fortunes using various techniques. These include tarot cards, palmistry, and coffee grounds. Some people even ask a fortune teller about their romantic future. While these methods can provide accurate information, they can also be misleading. A fortune teller should be consulted by a professional to determine what their predictions will be. They can give guidance on your love life as well as how to improve your chances of finding true love.

Fortune Teller is a good choice for new players. It is one of the few slot games that doesn’t feature progressive jackpots, but the RTP is still high. This is because the payback percentage is 93.3%. This is great for players who prefer low-to-medium volatility slots. The game will pay out a small amount, but you will likely land on a large enough number of these symbols to generate a decent win.

The bonus game is very simple and can be played by new and old customers alike. Players choose one of the three rows of cards – the first row has five cash prizes and the second row has two, with a death symbol. If you manage to pick a cash prize from the first row, you’ll win the bonus game! But be sure to stay away from the death symbol. This feature is available only to new customers, so don’t forget to try it out if you’re in the mood for some luck!