How To Identify Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

For many people, gambling usually starts as harmless fun. If unchecked, however, gambling behavior will quickly become obsessive and lead to severe consequences. Gambling addiction or problem gambling can happen to anyone from different walks of life.

The nature of gambling denotes that odds are never in your favor, which means the house always wins. As such, no matter how wealthy you are, uncontrolled behavior can still lead to this condition. Studies show that nearly 10 million Americans have this disorder in the United States alone, and double the amount has a gambling habit that interferes with their social life.

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The worst part: rarely does the affected player realize that they have a problem, which makes it more challenging to treat. With the rise of online gambling, many institutions have sprouted to raise awareness of this dangerous mental disorder.

If you are a gambler or know someone who does bet online, watch out for these signs and symptoms that can indicate a definite diagnosis for gambling addiction.

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  • Displaying agitation or anxiety when trying to stop gambling

Time flies incredibly fast when you enjoy what you are doing, and the same principle applies when gambling. However, remind yourself that gambling is a leisurely pastime. If a trusted friend or family member calls you out for spending too much online, you have devoted too many hours to this supposed diversion.

  • Lying to hide gambling behaviors

Most people would understand if you tell them you gamble for fun. Nobody will give you hell for that, especially if you have an allotted budget to spend. Lying means you are hiding something from people close to you. Either you have spent way past your budget or spent too much time on this activity, yet you still want to continue doing so.

  • Gambling again after losing money

In the industry, people call this behavior chasing losses. You can be lucky on some days, but there are days when luck is against you. With the odds of gambling, likely, you lose more often than you win. Once you have spent all your allocated funds, it is better to step away.

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  • Facing work or relationship problems due to gambling

We repeat: gambling is a supposed pastime. This detail means you do it in your spare time, not when you need to pick up the kids or submit a project at the office. When players can no longer distinguish their game lives from reality, it might be best to seek a healthcare professional.

  • Relying on others for money to spend on gambling

For the last time, we repeat: gambling is a supposed leisurely pastime. You play in online casinos because it is fun, and the money you use is only for the activity. When players start to rely on other people to fuel their gambling habits, this could be an early sign of a problem.