May 27, 2016



HUSH – into the darkness

HUSH is an action-adventure game inspired by childhood fears, nightmares and dreams.

Now it’s time to face your own fears.


In-game Cut-Scene

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hush 2015-08-12 17-25-25-776

The pillars of design

Besides the gameplay, there are some elements a video game’s design is comprised of that need to be balanced out in order to make the experience as great as possible.



An Engaging tale a beautiful friendship

You’ll be playing as Ashlyn, a brave little girl who has ended up locked inside an abandoned orphanage. She will have to face and overcome her fears if she ever hopes to make it out of this dreadful building.

To help her on her path, Ashlyn’ll be able to rely on her best friend GoGo™, as well as some other toys. Can you help her unveil the secrets of this place and its inhabitants?

2D to 3D at its finest

The visual style chosen for HUSH is based on traditional cartoon drawings, with this whole component being carefully crafted to make this world breathe.

Suspense inducing and heartbeat raising tracks

Sound plays a major role in making fears come alive. From hellish strings to bone-like marimbas, these melodies will not only complement but enhance the entire experience.

The icing on the cake

By effectively putting you in Ashlyn’s shoes you’ll be exploring, fighting and overcoming fears on your way to freedom.



Steam PC