May 27, 2016

About Us


Game Studio 78


GameStudio78 is an Indie Game development studio, founded in 2013, to bring our passion video games ideas to life.

Our Goal

One would typically consider Portugal as a nation with a considerable blend of gamers, but not so much of game-makers. This trend has been changing though, with some releases having made it overseas and gaining some notoriety. Our team at GS78 intends to ride that wave and leave our own mark.

We want players to enjoy the time they spend with our games. To do that, we’ll strive to make them have fun and to engage them in the experiences we craft.



Ours may be a fairly recent team, but it has gone through some changes already. Some have joined us, others have left, but we can confidently say that those who’re on board now are able to cover the bases we need for our current and future projects.

We are official developers for:

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