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Some call it work, We call it fun


Were you play in VR as a Rock Band Star


Party game and arcade top-down shooter


A survival game


A speedy match-3 puzzle


A casual game where minus is more


An Action-Adventure


Our positive milestones :)

  • August 2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our CEO dreams has come to life. Gamestudio 78 company was created, we barely imagine the roller-coaster of emotions that would happen.

  • September 2013 - July 2015


    Our beloved video game Hush, it's our first game. We released Hush after almost 2 years of development, with lot of stories, lots of positive things :) and lots of "need to improve" things :) It's far from perfect we know. But we have learned a lot in this development. We will bring news in the future about Ashlyn and GoGo, characters from Hush.

  • December 2015 - Until today

    Tanks Meet Zombies

    We have partnered with Titan Games Forged, so we can improve the quality of the game they were developing. And that's how it is born Tanks Meet Zombies (TmZ). We provide 2D Art, 3D Art, Social/Press management and Publishing. TmZ will be released in 2017.

  • MAY 2016 - UNTIL TODAY


    We started our development in VR, for the only customer request we had so far, the request was to make a rock game/experience in VR. And that's how a star was born. Our VRock game is a bright star from Game Studio 78.

  • March 2016 - UNTIL TODAY


    Poligone it's our first original approach to mobile game. We have made several changes from art to gameplay along the time. But in 2017 it will finally come to life in a smartphone near you.

  • January 19th 2017

    VRock - Playstation Talents

    What a wonderful day. VRock was the big winner at the PlayStation Talents 2016 Portugal. VRock won "Game of the Year" and "Most Innovative Game". It's quite a remarkable milestone. VRock will be available in PS4 and PC.

  • December 2016 - UNTIL TODAY

    A Horde Too Many

    We have partnered with Live Tale Games, so we can make a mobile version of the game they were developing. And that's how it is born A Horde Too Many Mobile. We provide mobile game design, Social/Press managment and Publishing. A Horde Too Many Mobile will be released in 2017.

  • January 2017 - UNTIL TODAY


    Minus is our second original mobile game. It will be released in 2017.

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